HDS-Plus System

HDS-Plus System

The Focus HDS-Plus™ System combines stationary and mobile shelving units with an overhead track system and a moving aisle into a highly efficient storage solution. Increases storage capacity more than 35% and more effectively utilizes space. Quick and easy assembly shelving units and overhead track system can be put together in minutes. All necessary parts are packaged into easy-to-order, ready-to-ship kits. Shelves and posts sold separately.

Easy to Order:

  • Determine the length of your system and choose your track length (select from 6' to 21').
  • Choose your stationary shelving units, 80” stationary posts and your choice of shelf sizes and finishes to suit your needs.
  • Choose your mobile units, 74” mobile posts and your choice of shelf sizes and finishes.

Simple to Assemble:

  • Assembly requires two people minimum.
  • Make sure your floor is level. Leveling feet on the stationary units and guide blocks on the mobile units will accommodate for slight floor variance.