Post-Type Wall Mount System - Brackets


Post-type mounting system can meet your exact needs for wall shelving. Posts and supports are available to hold anything from a single small shelf to many tiers of shelving running continuously along a wall.

Posts have grooves along their entire length at 1" (25mm) intervals for fast and secure assembly. Tapered plastic split-sleeves lock around any groove, and matching taper in opening of shelf collar creates secure positioning. Shelf supports and shelves can be positioned or repositioned on the post in 1" (25mm) increments. Chromate shelf caps are included to cover openings in tops of shelves. Available in Chromate or green epoxy coated finish.

Each post assembly includes one post and 2 mounting brackets (top and bottom). One intermediate bracket is supplied with 33" (83.8 cm) posts and two are supplied with 54" & 63" (137.0 & 160.0 cm) posts for greater security. Hardware to mount brackets to wall is NOT included.

Please select according to type of wall.

Order shelves separately.


  1. Chromate Shelf Caps, Plastic Post Caps